Trumps call was official diplomatic communication.

by Xeven

A President is the Chief diplomat of our nation. He was acting in official capacity during a scheduled official communication with the Ukrainian President. All conversations that occurred during that diplomatic event were not political. Campaigning, campaign were not mentioned.

He was not acting in anyway to support a campaign which Biden is not even running against the President at this time. Trump was questioning the integrity of the former Vice Presidents dealings with a foreign nation. Dealings that look an awful lot like favoritism toward a Vice Presidents son who lacked any skill or value to be placed on a board in a foreign gas company. The only value Hunter Biden had was that his father is VP of the US.

The POTUS cannot ignore evidence of corruption just because someone is a politician nor should he. The President must act as both President and Politician and without some evidence other than speculation that he specifically asked about Biden as a political matter, there is no law broken.

In retrospect, he should have asked Barr to investigate and left it there but only to avoid the political circus that is congress.

The official diplomatic nature of the call defines the information exchange as official and any questions would be asked on behalf of the United States and not on behalf of the President or any campaign even if that question might effect a campaign if evidence of corruption were discovered.

You can’t lock down the Presidents duty to perform as diplomat and law enforcement just because a crime is committed by a Vice President running for President.

US law comes above and before a single politician.

If Obama had legitimate reason to investigate Trump and ordered Comey to do so, then my statement applies to Obama and Russiagate as well.

That is what all this is about. Obama will be round out to have authorized the Russia collusion delusion.



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