Trump's Gravest Mistake

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by Daniel Carter
Trump continues to make a mistake so costly that it could relegate him to the title of worst president of all time. Let me say first, if you are a Trump supporter, I am not your enemy. I am generally indifferent toward Trump and want the United States to succeed no matter who is president. The purpose of this article is to warn you about what the Deep State has in store for Trump and his supporters. Unfortunately, Trump’s rhetoric plays right into their hands.
Recently, Trump made the mistake yet again by tweeting this:

The largest and most dangerous mistake Trump is making as president is taking credit for the economy. As an economic enthusiast and investor, I can tell you that presidents don’t control the economy. No one should have given Obama credit for the recovery and Trump should not be taking credit for the economy now. In a free(ish) market/capitalistic society, there are countless reasons the economy does and does not do well. The president’s influence on the economic cycle has always been miniscule.
Trump often takes credit for the low unemployment rate. But as you can see from the chart below, the unemployment rate is highly cyclical and mean reverting. In other words, once the unemployment rate gets very low, it tends to bounce upwards at an extremely fast pace.

President Trump also points to the soaring consumer confidence index as proof of his positive impact on the economy. But again, things may not be as bright as he makes them appear. As you can see from the 50-year chart below, it is not uncommon for consumer sentiment to spike right before a recession (gray shading). The Animal Spirits concept helps explain why enthusiasm and euphoria are so high near an economic crash. Near the end of the economic cycle, people take excessive risks (e.g. taking out loans, investing in risky assets). They don’t do this because the economy is good but because they have a fear of missing out an opportunity.

Trump takes credit for the stock market as well. With stock market valuations at extreme levels and in the territory of becoming the longest and largest bull market of all time, the party will be over very soon.

The media has wasted no time in giving President Trump more rope to hang himself. They have begun to attribute every market move to the developments of his tax reform bill. The media will connect every up move, down move and side move in the market to the likelihood of tax reform passing. The media undoubtedly works for the Deep State, and the Deep State wants Trump to take ownership of the economy.
The Deep State, including the banking cartel, knows they have set our nation up for another massive collapse. They sunk interest rates to near zero and pumped trillions of dollars into the banking system. This has encouraged people to take unnecessary risk, and the whole mess will be liquidated very soon.
If you care about Trump or the conservative message, it would be in your best interest to dispel the idea that Trump is responsible for the thriving economy. If you think social unrest is bad now, wait until the net worth of millions of people is cut in half in a matter of months. That situation could be truly terrifying this time around. Trump may be setting himself up for the hardest fall we have seen since the economy collapsed on Herbert Hoover’s watch.  

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22 thoughts on “Trump's Gravest Mistake

  1. It is a mistake — but not his gravest one. That is surrounding himself with more and more warmongering swamp terrorists.
    I’m not opposed to letting Tillerson go, but replacing him with CIA black-ops Pompeo? And then replacing Pompeo at the CIA with Tom Cotton, the guy who tried to sabotage the Iran deal?
    That screams “bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran” just about as loudly as McCain did during the 2008 election campaign. And that’s something Russia will not let happen without a response. Can you say WW3? Isn’t that a bigger mistake than anything he could possibly do to the economy?

      • Do you have proof of that? (Not that I think they wouldn’t do that… Would just be nice to know it’s more than a realistic sounding rumor.)

          Israel Bribed GOP Senator With $1M To Shut Down Iran Deal
          Representative Tom Cotton accepted $1M from Israel to shut down Iran Nuclear Deal.
          Apparently it only costs $1 million to bribe Republican Tom Cotton to sabotage the globally-important Iran Nuclear Deal, and it can even be a nation fraught with tension with America that’s offering the money. In a shady maneuver, Cotton accepted nearly $1M from the Emergency Committee for Israel and agreed to be the face of the opposition against the Iran Nuclear Deal.
          Cotton has been known for his opposition to the deal and his pro-Israel actions, and now we know why. Wiretaps revealed that, “Mr. Netanyahu and his advisers had leaked details of the US-Iran negotiations—learned through Israeli spying operations—to undermine the talks; coordinated talking points with Jewish-American groups against the deal; and asked undecided lawmakers what it would take to win their votes, according to current and former officials familiar with the intercepts.” This information came from the Wall Street Journal report that discussed the surprising find while wiretapping Israelis.

  2. This article is so true, have thought the same all along as Trump kept identifying himself so closely with the stock market, but events may surprise us. When Reagan cut taxes the economy roared back. If it all collapses, I’ll still be pulling for him and from what I’ve read, Trump knows a thing or two about dealing with financial turbulence.

    • thats CHUMP CHANGE we lost WAY MORE that the 3 TRILLION on 911 and the 5 years after the false flag planned 911 attacks by G.Bush and HIS DANCING JEWS! 911 was the START of their 20 YEAR PLAN, still going STRONG!!!

      • But it was done in two hours planned by a major banking system (Soros?)or a foreign government and created the financial collapse that brought us Obama! Planed?

  3. The largest and most dangerous mistake Trump is making as president is taking credit for the economy. As an economic enthusiast and investor, I can tell you that presidents don’t control the economy. (Your words)
    The presidents economic plans certainly have a major impact on the economy. For instance the Bush II home ownership policies led to the last financial crisis. Obama’s zero interest rate borrowing policies led to doubling out national debt. Their leadership whether you like it or not puts the United States in the economic position that we are in today. Trump understands the problem and has the courage to take it on. If a president shows weakness the market will sense that and if the president shows what Trump is offering the market rewards. In one year under trumps inauguration and presidency the Dow is up 6000 points. Is it over the top. You bet. But if tax cuts don’t work to stimulate the economy to over six percent gdp now our country is screwed not because of Trump but because of the prior two idiots who set us on the disastrous course we are on.

    • MAGA Mr. President and thank YOU!
      NO other nation on EARTH could still be standing after 16 STINKING YEARS of total CORRUPTION in all 3 BRANCHES of our poor nations GOVERNMENT!
      STILL no race war? Still NO CLOSURE on 911 or SO MANY other OPEN WOUNDS to the PEOPLE of the USA CITIZENS ONLY!

  4. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time* …
    Black Friday was the biggest day on record for
    FBI background checks, which loosely track nationwide gun sales. The
    FBI reported 203,000 background checks for gun sales on Friday.
    *A. Lincoln

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