Trump’s unfulfilled campaign promises – Why I and others aren’t drinking the Koolade

by fl3x

Here is a short list but a good start to covering the issues I (and others as well) have with Trump, and why we’re long since jaded post-election.

  • Still no wall.
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Swamp drained, when?
  • Still no audit of the Fed.
  • Mass media still spreading lies daily without consequence.
  • W.H. still spreading bullshit daily, contradicting themselves, and making everyone look like a bunch of incompetent fools to the world.
  • Big Tech still spreading lies daily without consequence.
  • Conservatives are being censored off the internet without consequence.
  • Still invading foreign countries and creating problems instead of building friendships.
  • Still sending troops to foreign countries.
  • Still fucking around in the middle east.
  • Still sucking Israel’s dick.
  • Still using N.K. as a bogeyman.
  • Still shitting on Russia.
  • Still shitting on Assad.
  • Troops and $ spent and still being spent in Syria.
  • Drama with Iran.
  • Still giving foreign countries gibs (in addition to Israel)
  • Sanctuary cities still not brought to heel.
  • DACA invaders are still walking around demanding gibs.
  • Still no significant mass deportations of illegal invaders (in comparison to the 30m or so total).
  • Rogue US intelligence agencies still operating as a Fifth Column.
  • Delaying the release of the JFK files.
  • The missing $21trillion (now $26 trillion).
  • Increasing “Defense” spending (goes along with the above. It actually was a campaign promise, but it was a stupidly unnecessary one. Missing 21tn -> 26tn -> increase “defense” budget -> how the fuck much is that number going to be by the time he’s out?).

Can you contribute anything to the list?

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Should anything be removed? Anything modified that’s not quite accurate or inaccurate?

I’m happy to keep a running “fulfilled campaign promises” if someone wants to start that in this thread (I’m saving these to disk and plan to post this every month or so to remind pro-Trump accounts why others speak against him–it’s not because we’re JIDF, ShareBlue, or crypto Libs).


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