Trump’s USPS Task Force looms over AMZN tomorrow

by iowaaah

The USPS has requested to renegotiate one of its key arrangements with

A similar arrangement between the USPS and AMZN, if renegotiated, could result in between $1B and $1.8B in incremental shipping costs for AMZN, with USPS fees accounting for 40-50% of shipping cost in the US, a 20% increase would result in $1.8 B in incremental shipping costs

Tomorrow, Trump’s USPS Task Force will make its official report to the president.

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Today the USPS released its financial results; it’s 3q loss increased to $1.489 B from $1.335 B in 2q

Trump hates Amazon and has personally been pushing postmaster general Megan Brennan to double the rate USPS charges AMZN for package delivery. A doubling would result in more than $3 B in incremental shipping costs

“The Postal Service said there was an urgent need for legislative and regulatory changes in order to attain financial stability.”




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