Trump’s Wall May have Just Got its Funding From an Unexpected Source that Every Illegal will HATE

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Randy DeSoto for the Western Journal reports, A new study says there may be no need for President Donald Trump to have Mexico pay for the southern border wall, because it would pay for itself in savings to the American taxpayer.
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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Wall May have Just Got its Funding From an Unexpected Source that Every Illegal will HATE

  1. Good idea, but…
    So this says that we could recoup the cost of the wall just on savings on social programs that they are benefiting from. Okay, no doubt, but what if we just stopped the programs they are benefiting from? If a social program gives help to an illegal invader, the head of that program, along with the CFO, go to prison. Ten years. No excuses, no sacrificial lamb. The top dogs. No time off. Ten hard years, and not in one of the country club prisons.
    A company hires illegals, the president, the CFO, and the HEAD of the human resources go to prison. Ten years. No time off. No special prisons.
    An individual hires an illegal to mow the lawn, take care of the pool, or watch the kids, off they go too. Ten years. No breaks. And their house, car, and bank account becomes property of the state.
    It wouldn’t take too many of these, handled as high-profile cases, before these illegal invaders would find that the pickings were VERY slim–nobody would even THINK of hiring them. Then maybe they’d go back home, and begin taking action to straighten out their OWN back yard, instead of crapping in OUR back yards.

  2. I can build “The WALL” for free ….. and it will be obsolete before it is finished:
    (1) Every illegal arrested inside the USA will be put to work at manual labor on “The WALL”.
    (2) Anyone who hires illegals will forfeit all their assets to pay for materials for “The WALL”
    (3) Laborers on “The WALL” can escape by running South, but will be SHOT if they run North.

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