Actress Heather Locklear to police: Your kids deserve to die!

by Dr. Eowyn
Why do Americans allow Hollywood to lord over and lecture down to us as if they’re more knowledgeable, wiser, and our moral superiors?
When in fact, the denizens of Hellywood are lowly-educated (many are high school dropouts), uninformed, and live lives of drugs, alcohol, and debauchery?
Here’s the latest case in point.

On February 25, 2018, actress Heather Locklear, 56, was arrested in her Thousand Oaks home after her brother called 911 saying she and her boyfriend Chris Heisser were drunk and fighting. When cops arrived they observed injuries to the boyfriend and placed Heather under arrest for felony domestic violence.
Ironically, hours after Locklear had been taken into custody, Heisser himself was arrested on a driving under the influence charge.
During the arrest, Locklear became combative and attacked the officers, kicking one in the shin and striking two others. She was cuffed and taken to the hospital for evaluation.
Now we have more details about Locklear’s behavior that night.
TMZ reports, March 12, 2018, that Heather screamed at the police:

“You f*cking deserve your kids to die! You f*cking deserve it! And when you find yourself in that position, think of me! I hope no one f*cking burns your entire department down, your f*cking police department…. If you ever come back to my house I will shoot you!”

Her threat to shoot the police prompted the authorities to search her home. Police obtained a search warrant and looked for a gun registered in her name but did not find the weapon. The search warrant noted Locklear has a history of drug and other alcohol-related incidents, including a suicidal call in 2012.
Locklear is getting off easy — the D.A. has charged her with four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer, and one charge of resisting or obstructing an officer. She is not charged with assaulting her boyfriend, even though that was why she was originally arrested.
Locklear has had troubles in the past with substance abuse and domestic violence. In 2008, she was arrested for DUI of prescription drugs. In 2011, the LAPD was dispatched to her then-boyfriend Jack Wagner’s home, after the couple got physical during a heated argument. At the time a law enforcement source said, “She lost it on him and he retaliated.” Neither wanted to press charges against the other.
She is in a rehab facility.

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