Trust and the Point of No Return

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: How will the world reinstill confidence with China after the pandemic?
How can people in the West return to trust?


ANSWER: We have entered a new Cold War which will eventually turn hot. The Politicians are using COVID to destroy the economy deliberately to usher in a new age of Authoritarianism. They will point the finger at China to try to blame then but it is our politicians with the lockdowns that have not produced any different results. It is our politicians following Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab who have caused the problem – not China. This is like blaming a company for manufacturing ammunition when someone else shot and killed someone.

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We have Democrats demanding that even Ted Cruz should be barred from flying. Speech on the floor in Congress is “protected” speech and that includes the president. This is becoming selective prosecution. There is no way this is going to be an inclusive Biden Administration. This is starting on a foot of sheer vengeance and hatred.

The world is falling apart and every possible thing the Democrats are doing is leading to the Great Divide which will fracture the United States and fulfill what our model has been forecasting to my regret. They impeached Trump for a second time trying to simply ensure he will never run again in 2024 as he had said he would do.

I do not want to run an advertisement boasting I am the guy who forecasted the decline and fall of the West. This is not a forecast that gives me any pleasure. I simply interpret what the computer has done. There will be no returning to normal. We have passed the point of no return. Now we have to look at where to park money to survive the chaos ahead. The good news – the split is 50/50.


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