Trust the Science is Religious Dogma

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by Chris Black

It’s not about “trusting the science.”

Science is a tool. It’s not a religion.

 It’s a process. A tool or process can be misused. 

Through the centuries until the 1960s, the idea of “comically fat” was at most 20% overweight and obesity was almost unheard of. Just go look at old pictures. Almost everyone was trim and fit. 

Then the FDA in the 1970s said meat, eggs, butter, animal fat, natural oils and dairy were fattening and you should change your diet to 70% grains, carbs, corn syrup, sugary fruits and unsaturated fats. 

Naturally we developed a crisis where more than half of Americans are clinically obese, another 30% are morbidly obese, and comically obese people riding scooters because they’re too fat to walk are common. 

So yeah, let me trust FDA and government “science.”  

Forget about it.

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