Truth Is On The Side Of The Patriot, Nothing Can Stop What Happens Next: Harley Schlanger

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Always great to hear Harley Schlanger. The collapse is no doubt inevitable, but never amazes me how long the can can be kicked down the road. I was 5 or 6 years old when they stopped making quarters of silver. My dad was so sure that this “fraud” where coins were not longer real money, would lead to imminent collapse. I spent much of my childhood sorting through bags of quarters for my dad picking the silver ones out. He would pick up a $1000 bag of quarters from the bank, pick out the silver ones, then return the base metal ones. I did this for years as a child, until about the early to mid 70’s where all the silver coins were pretty much out of circulation. Yes, the collapse is inevitable, but it seems uncanny the way it keeps getting pushed out.

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