Truths About Black Bloc Protestors

by Mark Angelides

There are truths about Black Bloc protestors that have been widely ignored. One is that these are not “grassroots protestors”, they are paid provocateurs whose sole aim is to create violence in a situation where it previously didn’t. And another is the reason why their faces are covered.
When these protestors gather we can usually assume that at least one of several things are going to happen:

  • There will be physical assaults taking place.
  • There will be property damage.
  • There will be massive MSM coverage.

Why is nobody asking the real questions about who these people are? If people protest something, aren’t they saying that “This (whatever the cause happens to be) is something I cannot abide!” and they therefore take to the streets to let everyone know. But if you don’t show your face, you clearly can’t be willing to make sacrifices for the cause (ergo you don’t really believe in it).
When You or I protest or write about our opinions, we don’t hide our faces (I don’t use a pen name), because we believe we are in the right. Protesting whilst wearing a mask is cowardly, and they either lack the courage of their convictions, or perhaps there is another more insidious reason.
Many of the Black Bloc protestors work and are paid directly by organizations that use taxpayer money to ferment hatred and resistance to Trump’s government. But there are not thousands of them; there are a handful of professionals who travel the country and attend almost all protests. This is why they have to wear masks…All of these events are highly publicized and get major media coverage, if the public started noting the same faces protesting often contradictory things, the game would be over.
The agitators use Facebook groups and other Social Media platforms to encourage others in local areas to dress up as Black Bloc protestors (usually naïve kids), they don’t use their real names, they don’t identify themselves as the organizers, and when the violence has been started, they quietly slip away to the next project.
No one can identify them, no one can pick them out of a line up; they are computer savvy and highly trained. But who is paying them?
Groups like Organizing For Action, Open Society, and “Foundations” of all stripes are nothing more than cash-clearing houses for projects aimed at furthering political agendas that not a single person is allowed (or given) a vote on. They use the political system as a pawn, and they use gullible kids fresh out of college as patsies for giving their movements a “face”. These college kids think they are rebelling against a straightjacket system, when the reality is that they are the ones unknowingly furthering an agenda of control that makes the “patriarchy” look like puppy dogs.