Trying to list everything that doesn’t seem to add up in the Khashoggi story

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by og_m4

  1. He worked for CIA funded WaPo and generally fits the profile of a psyops journalist very well. Probably on US gov payroll. Why would an asset like that be allowed to be sacrificed ?
  2. It’s not as though the only assassins available in KSA are MbS’s bodyguards. Out of all the talent available to them, why would KSA choose those 15 people unless they deliberately wanted to connect the murder to MbS?
  3. The guy could’ve easily been killed in/abducted from a thousand other places instead of at the KSA embassy. Why would they choose that venue unless they deliberately wanted everyone to know about the murder and who did it.
  4. On the one hand they’re really overt about how they did the murder and who did it, but on the other hand they refuse to hand over the body. If they were trying to make an example of the reporter by the brutality of the murder, a mutliated corpse would only emphasize their point. Why hide it?
  5. Why allow the audio of the murder to be leaked on day one but not allow the video? Why publicize only a transcript of an audio recording that may or may not exist? (both 4 and 5 seem to strongly indicate that there was no murder and there was no body)
  6. Why would Khashoggi not do his paperwork at the US based KSA embassy in advance before flying to Turkey for the wedding?
  7. How do you make a girlfriend in Turkey that’s willing to marry you while you live mostly in the US? Dude’s gotta have some serious charisma to have a super dedicated long distance girlfriend 15+ years younger than him.
  8. Also, wouldn’t the marriage paperwork have to be done after getting married instead of before?
  9. If he was there for a divorce, couldn’t that have been by mail and through a lawyer? If KSA law requires the divorcer to be present on government premises to process a divorce, where was the ex-wife? If she could do her paperwork by mail, why couldn’t he?
  10. Anwar Al-Awlaki (blown up in an SUV, no body left) and Osama Bin Laden (photo of dead body classified, burial at sea) come to mind when thinking about this murder. I would only be mildly surprised if all 3 of them turn out to be living on the same block in Potomac under high level Witsec programs.
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Just thinking out loud and objectively. One should not take anyone’s death lightly, goot person or bad, because the suffering is felt the same by both, but at the same time, keeping an open mind is also important. What are people’s thoughts on this?


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