TSLA owes $570,669,500 due Nov. 1st to SCTY convertible debt holders

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by mikefromtheblock

I haven’t seen this in the news yet but Tesla has to make a large payment tomorrow to bond holders of SolarCity’s convertible issue due tomorrow of $570,669,500 ($566M principal + 1.65% / 2 semiannual interest). The payment represents 72% of their $794M working capital reported on their 3Q19 form 10Q a few days ago even after the large debt issuance earlier this year. This probably has minimal coverage because it’s listed in current portion of long term debt even though it’s coming due tomorrow 11/1/2019.

$920M due 3/1/2019 dropped stock 10%, $566M due 11/1/2019…


10Q 3Q19

10K 2018

Page 30 discusses Tesla’s responsibilities

Discussion of possible default from FTConvertible bonds and balance sheets

Cash on hand: $5,338M. Current assets: = $10,940M. Current liabilities = $10,146M. Working Capital = $794M

Some financing inflows: $7,119M from convertibles and other debt this year in first 3 quarters, additional $848M from stock offerings, $174M from warrants, $153 from accepting investments in subsidiaries. $8,294M listed here. Net CF from financing was $1,608M


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