Tucker Carlson Asks A Logical Question….Can The Left Lead A Nation They Despise?

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Of course we all know the answer….


BOB MCMANUS: What it’s going to take to reverse New York City’s crime spike.

You say you didn’t like stop-and-frisk? Well, how do you like duck-and-cover?

Stop-and-frisk was a front-line NYPD safe-streets policy for two decades. So was broken-windows policing. As were the flying squads of anti-crime cops. They’re all gone now. Perhaps you think New York is better off without them?

If so, you’re complicit in the calamity that descended on Gotham over the holiday weekend: at least 11 people shot dead and 45 injured, including two cops whose patrol car came under fire in The Bronx. And all of this on top of the bloodiest June since 1996.

Not impressed? Maybe you should go out and help hose the gore off the sidewalks, if not today, then next weekend, or the next. This isn’t going to stop soon.

This new darkness isn’t a random, natural malevolence — unpredictable, unavoidable and thus demanding no accountability. It’s the result of a deliberate unstitching of arguably the most sophisticated and successful anti-crime strategy ever implemented in this nation.

The left is always blaming its enemies for people’s deaths, but never takes responsibility for the people it kills.



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