CALIFORNIA: Woman Faces Vandalism Charges For Painting Over BLM Street Mural


Karen and Chad were so offended by the BLM street mural outside of the courthouse in Martinez, California, that they spent their 4th of July painting over it!! The mural was just completed a few hours before this.

Police said in a statement Sunday that a white female painted over the mural as a white man made comments to onlookers.

It appeared that the couple came to the mural with cans of paint and a roller with the specific purpose of vandalizing over the mural,” the Martinez Police Department said in a statement. “The community spent a considerable amount of time painting this mural only to have the suspects destroy it by dumping and rolling paint over part of the message.”

Once police were notified of what happened, the suspects were gone, the department said.

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Police describe the suspects’ car as a Nissan pickup truck with the word “NICOLE” on the right side in silver lettering.


They are probably stretching the definition of what a mural is in this case, but nonetheless the media are none too happy that a woman painted over part of the words “Black Lives Matter” in California.

This was revealed via video showing the woman, who the media are breathlessly describing by her race even though they never apply that standard to left-wing vandals.

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You know who I haven’t seen the media describe as vandals, nor put any effort into identifying? Those tearing down 100-year-old statues across the country, including those of abolitionists and Founding Fathers. If a guy in a black mask and an anarchy A throws red paint on century-old Washington statute, it’s part of a “peaceful protest” against systematic racism. But let a white woman throw some paint on a two week old BLM screed and it’s suddenly all hands on deck.




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