Tucker Carlson Confirms That Biden Admin Spying On His Communications

By Chris Black

Imagine my shock: the Biden regime is using the NSA to spy on journalists who dare criticize Dear Leader and the system.

As the story goes, during his Monday night show Tucker Carlson claimed that he has insider info, a whistle-blower from the NSA basically, who told him that the National Security Agency is literally spying on his private communications (emails, phone calls). 

This is not cool, man. This aggression will not stand. We have the documents:

Seriously speaking, literate persons who are paying attention to what’s going on know that this has been going on since 2003, with the Patriot act crap, which allows the NSA to record all phone conversations and texts and store them indefinitely.

Edward Snowden rings a bell? It’s the current year, damned. Even if the NSA is supposed to handle foreign threats (as opposed to domestic), we live in a world that’s not based on rules and logic anymore. 

Welcome to clown world.

Getting back to Tucker, he said that the Biden regime will try to use data gathered by the NSA to “shut it down!”, i.e. to get him off air by leaking (racial slurs? porn viewing habits?) information about his private life or whatever. 

Tucker confirmed to his huge audience that this is not a disinfo campaign, as the NSA leaker actually read to him the private contents of his emails/messages, which means his comms were definitely breached by men in black working overtime for ZOG.

Remember how Tucker Carlson’s top writer, Blake Neff, was forced to resign in July of 2020 after a CNN presstitute (Oliver Darcy) revealed that Neff posted “racist and sexist comments” on an online forum using a standard forum pseudonym?

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Darcy claimed:

After learning of Neff’s posts on the board through an email from an anonymous tipster, CNN Business was able to positively identify CharlesXII as Neff by reviewing messages he has posted throughout the years on the forum and matching them up with publicly available information about him.

That story about big-brained Oliver made zero sense to me, and I bet the “tipster” was someone from an intelligence agency who ratted on Neff after hacking his laptop or smartphone or whatever. After Neff got fired, Tucker’s show went downhill in terms of quality for months. 

That Iranian homosexual (Darcy) is the same person responsible for getting Alex Jones banned, and during his college years, he was involved in pro-war activism as a ZOG-bot (neoconservative), pushing for war with Iran (read he is a CIA asset).

The lesson to be taken home is that mainstream journos like Oliver Darcy are de facto working with intelligence agencies, and they are very effective in attacking political dissidents. It’s a known fact that mainstream media TV networks, including Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s show, are literally bringing on active or retired intelligence agents as experts to spew CIA and State Department talking points.

Let’s hope Tucker will make a big deal out of this in order to uncover the issue of intelligence agencies spying on opposition journalists in the USA.

However, the bigger issue here is that America does not have a free and independent media, even if the concept of freedom of speech and a free media was thought by the Founding Fathers as a check on the power of the government. 

All media is now owned by a few corporations (including social media), and it has become effectively an organ of ZOG.

The average American will eat a bag of salty snacks in response.


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