Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren encouraged married, two-parent families 16 years ago. She can’t do that today

In our opening show of the year, we talked about the central problem of American politics, which is that our leaders have lost sight of the point of being in charge. Their goal should be simple: strong American families. Anything that makes it harder to form strong families, they ought to be against. It’s not complicated.

Judging by the response we got, a lot of you agree. The piece resonated more than anything we’ve done in the last two years. In Washington, though, it wasn’t very popular. One writer at National Review suggested we were peddling something called, “victimhood populism.”

That’s missing the point. Populism is never the goal. It’s the symptom. Populism is what you get when you blow off the country’s problems for so long that voters feel they have to punish the people in charge to get their attention. Populism is a smoke alarm; ignore it and the place burns down.