Tucker Carlson is the last Electable (presidential) Republican in America

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by Chris Black

While there are some MAGAs and alt media types who are still as invigorated as ever, more and more populist Trump supporters are starting to suffer from retard-fatigue and drifting away from the GOP (and in some cases, politics in general). 

Trump has enough power to take the primary, but now that we all know what’s behind the mystery door (Ronald Reagan but with a 3rd grade vocabulary), he will just lose again but by a larger margin. 

Tucker has the power to attract voters the GOP lost in 2020 by being thoughtful, secular, critical of GOPs shitty economic platform, and unafraid to be racial (guess what, whites who live in cities or have college degrees are also white).

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Trump, De Santis, Cruz, etc. will all flop in 2024 if they run in a general.

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