Tucker Carlson: There appears to be a pedophilia outbreak over at CNN

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What’s the Deal With All the Perverted Behavior at CNN?

All of this leads a reasonable person to question if the FBI was protecting John Griffin as he is one of their boys, an uber leftist, a member of the Democratic team and good pal of one of their chief propaganda agents. If so, how many underage girls were abused due to the FBI’s unwillingness to prosecute one of their soul mates? Moreover, the timing of this raises additional questions.

Ashley Biden is Joe Biden’s daughter. She kept a diary during a very troubled part of her life where she struggled with drug abuse and had multiple affairs during her crumbling marriage. Reports indicate she detailed her deep resentment for her father due to his control and emotional manipulation. Most damaging, the diary is reported to allege that she believes she was sexually molested as a child and that she took showers with her Dad which she states were “probably inappropriate.” Gee Ashley, ya think? Well somebody got their hands on her diary. A copy made its way to Project Veritas, which chose not to publish the story as it could not verify the source. Project Veritas turned the diary over to law enforcement and expressed its willingness to cooperate with authorities understanding that the diary might have been stolen. Sources indicate that Ashley abandoned the diary at a house in Delray Beach, Florida. Even in Mayberry, Andy and Barney would not investigate a lost diary as it is a non-crime. If Ernest T. Bass stole the diary, Andy and Barney likely would not spend any resources investigating the theft as they have more important things to do. This clearly isn’t a federal matter, yet the FBI showed up at a Project Veritas reporter’s house as well as its publisher, James O’Keefe, with a battering ram and seized all of their computers and devices. These are outrageous Gestapo tactics. Why? Does the diary indicate that our “Sniffer in Chief” sexually abused his daughter? Obviously, the FBI wants to intimidate this news organization, using the brute force of the federal government as Joe Biden’s personal attack militia. Surely, the FBI has sifted through all of Project Veritas’ files to find out what other damaging stories it might print. It wants to find Project Veritas’s sources and intimidate them. If past is prelude, it wants to look for a crime or a hook to fabricate a crime against Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe. Project Veritas just exposed another pedophile scandal at CNN. Did the FBI finally decide to indict John Griffin because they couldn’t keep the lid on the story, knowing that Project Veritas would likely blow it open?

The new alleged CNN pedophile is Rick Saleeby. He is the producer of “The Lead With Jake Tapper.” He too is a sick bastard who deserves painful testicular excision. Saleeby, who is married, confessed to his “sex worker” mistress his desire to have sex with his underage step daughter as well as said sex worker’s underage daughter. He expressed himself in very graphic terms in voice and text messages. There is also video. What is apparent in the sex worker’s story is that Saleeby does not see his paid lover as a real person. He can tell her his sick and perverted fantasies because she in his mind is a worthless nobody and poses no threat to him. Aren’t good progressives supposed to help the down and out?

To quote Lewis Carroll, it gets curiouser and curiouser. Jeff Zucker is the president of CNN. It does not take much work to find pictures of his wife Caryn and Ghislaine Maxwell hanging out, laughing and having a good time in multiple settings in multiple venues. In 2019 when the Epstein story was breaking into the public’s consciousness, CNN seemed to completely ignore the revelations. Why? Flight logs indicate that Bill Clinton took 26 trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Why is it that the movers, shakers and glitterati all seem to have connections to perverts? Something is rotten in Denmark folks.

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