Tucker Destroys Climate Commies: ‘They Hate the Earth; They Hate Nature; It’s About Controlling Us’… Woke AI About to Take Control of Your Vehicle, General Motors Promises

Woke AI about to take control of your vehicle, General Motors promises

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(Natural News) In an announcement this week, General Motors (GM) vice president Scott Miller stated that the nationalized company’s vehicles will soon be equipped with the notoriously woke ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) robot system, which he says will function as a “virtual assistant” to drivers.

As part of a broader collaboration with Microsoft, GM wants to have the woke chatbot perform various functions and services for drivers, including providing on-demand information about a vehicle’s features. The AI system will also advise drivers about what to do when a diagnostic light appears on the dashboard.

There is even talk about having ChatGPT inform drivers about how to change a flat tire by displaying a video demonstration on the vehicle’s dashboard. (Related: Under Barack Hussein Obama, General Motors became everyone’s Big Brother.)


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