Tucker, Hannity And Other Fox News Host Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Fox News Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Misconduct by Top Talent

Jennifer Eckhart, a former associate producer on Fox Business Network, is a co-plaintiff in the suit. The most serious claim pertains to Eckhart’s allegation that she was raped by former White House chief correspondent Ed Henry, who earlier this month was fired by Fox News as a result of the charge.

Fox News now faces a sex trafficking claim as a result of Eckhart’s allegation. The rape allegedly happened in 2017 in a hotel room after the two had met for drinks. Two years earlier, according to the complaint, Henry had romantically pursued her, forced a kiss on her, convince her to have sex by holding her career over her head, and months later assaulted her in Fox News’ New York offices. (Henry couldn’t immediately be reached for a comment.)

Cathy Areu is the other co-plaintiff in this case that also asserts Fox News subjected women to a hostile workplace.

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Once an on-air regular on Fox News, Areu says she victimized by Henry through a “slew of wildly inappropriate sexual images and messages.” The complaint details the contents of these messages.

Additionally, Areu targets several of Fox News’ other stars. She alleges that Hannity once threw $100 on the desk of his set and called for the men around to take her on a date for drinksShe says that Carlson once probed to see whether she’d be interested in a sexual relationshipShe accuses Howard Kurtz of inviting her to a hotel room. After allegedly spurning advances or enduring comments, Areu says she stopped being invited to appear on each of their respective programs. The three Fox News hosts are co-defendants in the suit and face claims of retaliation.



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