Tucker Intro Takes on the DNC convention: The DNC that Democrats don’t want you to see

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Most of the actual Democratic National Convention events take place during daytime hours. And if you saw what they were saying during the day, you might flee the country. #FoxNews #Tucker



OGER KIMBALL: For the Democrats’ sake, I hope the DNC viewership is low.

Well, they lost in the ratings to America’s Got Talent. But then, the DNC doesn’t.

OMG! DNC Faked Convention Crowd! – Used Double Images of Kamala Supporters in Crowd Shot

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: DNC Night 2—Lots of Trump Hate But No Solutions. “Tuesday night’s DNC affair offered another mixed bag of video guests, as the Democrats are determined to trot out every member of the backstabbing squish Republican contingent who we’ve known for four years wouldn’t be voting for President Trump. The media is presenting each one as if it’s breaking news that they don’t like the president. It’s tedious political kabuki theater and we should all thank God that the nightly coverage is COVID-shortened.”


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