Tucker – There Are No Proven Facts in Steele Dossier

Synopsis: It’s becoming increasingly clear that the entire Trump/Russia accusation was cooked up inside the White House as a way to smear Trump before his election. Subsequently, it has served as the infamous “insurance policy” that FBI Don Juan counter-intelligence guy Peter Strzok was put in charge of in order to save America should Trump be elected.
But the Steele dossier is inherently such a weak hand to play, it’s hard to believe that professionals would place so much dependence on it – but they have. I think that’s what’s on the minds of a lot of moderate Democrats who just can’t bring themselves to believe that the whole thing is a total fraud and propaganda smear operation against a now-sitting President.
But why did they do it? Because it all they had and this means life or death to dozens of leading bureaucrats that served Obama.
Tucker Carlson looked at just what the document alleges with