Court Blocks White Alabama Community from Creating Its Own School System… But schools are still seceding around the country!

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The predominantly white Alabama city of Gardendale will not be allowed to secede from the majority black Jefferson County to form its own school district, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.
Last year, a judge ruled – albeit reluctantly – that Gardendale could partially secede from Jefferson County. The judge’s ruling, which acknowledged that “race was a motivating factor” behind the effort despite its backers insistence they simply wanted more local control, garnered national attention because of a standing desegregation order the county has been under since 1965.
Indeed, dozens of school districts have similarly broken away from bigger ones – at least 36 since 2000.
And before you get your panties in a wad…
Here’s a pic of the Norwalk headline.
Higher SAT scores equal more federal funding…
I think we should allow segregation in our school systems and let both groups compete for federal funding. Academic competitions between school districts could help more children go to college!
Think about it!
If you think that I’m “Race Baiting” think again! Blacks around the nation are calling for some form of segregation in the educational system. There are multiple articles on this subject, so here are few for reference purposes.
University of Michigan:
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