Tucker: This is moral blackmail

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I am torn here. As a US Marine, Vietnam Veteran, I do not wish for American boys to die in a foreign battlefield; there has been enough of that over the last 100 years…yet, In Korea we did not finish that war due to fear from the Russians, or China (even though the Chinese attacked without provocation across the Yalu River and killed many US soldiers and Marines. We did not win that war. In Vietnam, we fought a limited war, never landing an amphibious operation at Haiphong Harbor and taking the fight to the enemy which would have quickly won that war with many less American causalities…because we were in fear of a Chinese or Russian retaliation, and we ultimately lost that war. There comes a time when the United States has to say enough is enough, and take the Bear (and the Dragon) in hand and kick his ass. Maybe that day is upon us…yet, the Democrats are in power and they screw up everything they touch, including our military; one worries if they could even handle a confrontation like that…as I said, I am facing a moral corundum, as I suspect many veterans are…

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