Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton for saying she was a favorite of the Russians. That’s right Hillary Clinton is getting sued for trying to start a fake conspiracy

by FringeCenterPodcast

First off I’m not in anyone’s camp. Tulsi says some stuff I agree with about being anti regime change but she was/is in the CFR. And Hillary is Hillary we all know how deep that goes.

But the fact that she randomly tried to start a “she’s a Russian shill” conspiracy about Gabbard is hilariously retarded.

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Just like she tried to imply that Sanders is a misogynist by saying he has a bad culture around him. This was a reference to the “Bernie bros” bullshit and to reinforce Warrens claim he said something misogynistic to her.

This is a pattern. I don’t think this is 4d chess. If you don’t consistently kiss her ring she makes up bullshit about you. She wants Warren or Biden to win. So she says Gabbard is a Russian puppet, and Sanders is a woman hater.

But this time someone is snapping back at her with a lawsuit.



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