Turbotax deluxe charges an additional $40 to take their fee from your returns

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by cheddar_floof

Not sure if this is common knowledge but I noticed this yesterday when filing my federal taxes yesterday. I had to use TurboTax deluxe because of some additional things I had to add in and I don’t want to use paper. They mention that it costs $40. No issue there. When choosing a payment method you have the options of using a card or allowing them to take it directly from your returns. Underneath the latter they mention they would take $40 directly from your returns. What they fail to mention is that it’s an additional $40, not the $40 you pay for deluxe. So you’d end up paying $80 in total for choosing this method vs $40 for entering your card info. Caught it when I was reviewing everything. Heads up guys.

EDIT: My problem with this is that they made it seem like it’s a part of the initial $40 not as an additional fee. The language used seems intentionally misleading.

EDIT 2: First time that I’ve had to get TT Deluxe. Very new to filing taxes too, sorry if this has been repeated before. It’s honestly new information to me.





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