Twelve Months of Income and Spending as an Engineer in CA

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by Duckbuttt123

Data created using SankeyMatic

I was inspired to do a Sankey diagram from this post:

Some points on this:

  • I live in Southern California
  • I am married, but I am only including my personal income and personal spending for this year
  • We do not have kids
  • My wife pays for about half our mortgage, but her contribution and mortgage amounts are not listed here. We have a joint account we contribute to for housing expenses, but keep separate personal accounts
  • Most of our spending goes on my accounts
  • The rest of 2019 is projected based on the amounts spent last year
  • I bicycle most days to work, and drive a very old car on rainy days, so my transportation costs are very low
  • Our travel is somewhat subsidized through credit card rewards and points
  • My company provides a multitude of benefits that I am lucky to not pay for, including: breakfast, lunch, internet reimbursement, phone, on-site gym
  • I am an entry/mid level engineer

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