Twitter Declares War on Conservatives: Pro-Trump Accounts Purged…. Harmeet Dhillon: If Big Tech Has Its Way ‘We Will Lose Every Election Going Forward’

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In an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, lawyer Harmeet Dhillon warned that conservatives need to take note of the threat of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe or “we will lose every election going forward.”
In an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson discussed how conservatives have been repeatedly targeted by big tech firms noting that even the Claremont Institute was recently denied the right to advertise on Google over a study published by the institute that Google deemed to be “racist.” Google has since apologized for this, claiming that denying the institute was a mistake.



ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter Declares War on Conservatives: Pro-Trump Accounts Purged.

Last weekend, conservatives discovered that both Twitter and Facebook had launched a grand purge of nationalist-populist (as they prefer to call themselves) users. Alex Jones, Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, and Laura Loomer were all targeted, albeit not all by the same social media at the same time. The bans and suspensions inspired Human Events editor Raheem Kassam to predict that there were more waves to come:

This prediction is right on the money: Monday night, several other rightwing accounts were banned. Among them a parody account of Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, Jewish conservative @OfficeOfMike, and even the @MAGAphobia account whose admin was Jack Posobiec (the same Jack Posobiec mentioned by Kassam in his tweet about who’d be targeted next).

In its explanation of the ban on the AOC parody account, Twitter pretended that it wasn’t made clear in the user’s name and bio that it was indeed parody. However, that’s not true at all:

Conservative Millennial writer Courtney Holland adds:

As former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani rightfully puts it, these purges are nothing less than censorship.

Tucker: Big tech has launched an attack on “dangerous” speech. The White House is nowhere to be seen.


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