Twitter expands censorship nudges to new languages Doubling down on a controversial feature.

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Cattle are prodded to go in a required direction, while social media users are “nudged” – and some platforms have no problem using this kind of language to describe how they are “handling” and directing their users’ activities.

In the latest example – that has to do with “potentially offensive” prompts in languages other than English – Twitter’s Safety team shouts this from the rooftops in a blog post titled, “How Twitter is nudging users to have healthier conversations.

So in addition to positioning itself as arbiter of truth, one might deduce Twitter is coming out as a “health” expert.

Currently in a testing phase, the feature sees a large prompt loom over the actual tweet a user is composing, basically asking, “are you sure you meant to say that?” The actual message reads, “Want to review this before tweeting”?

With the tinge of condescension and possible threat of censorship established in this way, it is added in smaller print that Twitter is merely “asking” users to review replies that contain potentially harmful or offensive language.

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