Twitter Has Achieved Publisher Status!

As seen in this tweet:

Twitter is truly a publisher now, how do we take this to court, if trump wont the people should.

“What Happens if the Law Starts Treating Facebook and Twitter Like Traditional Publishers?
The little-known provision that empowers tech companies to experiment with new ways of imposing and enforcing norms on new sites of discourse could be changed.”

Twitter and Facebook Are Publishers, Not Platforms – “The changing definition of the word “platform” has been galling me. In the classic sense, and insofar as technology is concerned, a platform is (from the Oxford English Dictionary) “a standard for the hardware of a computer system, which determines what kinds of software it can run.”

OpinionsFor various legal and marketing reasons, the word platform has taken on all sorts of other meanings which boil down to “a neutral place we set up but are not responsible for anything that goes on there, but we keep the money.” Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all come to mind.”

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Twitter Is Not a Platform, It Is a Publisher – “I’ve always thought that Twitter and Facebook, once they started serving up tweets and posts using an algorithm had become publishers: once you are deciding what people will see for whatever reason–and an algorithm is just the computational form of that–you are no longer just a messenger board. That is, if Twitter and Facebook dropped the algorithm and returned to latest posts or tweets, it would be much harder to hold them legally** liable for their content. In essence, they would just be a very advanced server with a good (or ‘good’) user interface.”


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