Twitter is a publisher, not a platform, and it’s pushing for a boycott of a company whose CEO praised Trump

Look what they’re doing here. They run this at the top of the trending section:

US news
Last night
Many customers call for boycott of Goya Foods after CEO praises Trump’s leadership
Speaking at the White House following a roundtable with Hispanic business and political leaders, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue said, “We’re all truly blessed… to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder.” Unanue’s praise of President Donald Trump prompted many to claim they will boycott Goya, which is America’s largest Hispanic owned food company.
Video via @thehill

“US news”? No, it’s a coordinated leftist attack on this Goya Foods for the words of the CEO. There is no “news”. Twitter deceptively links to “Video via @thehill”, trying to give the impression that it’s news from The Hill about a boycott demand. When you open The Hill link, there is no article about any demand for a boycott, only their coverage of the press conference with Trump and the CEO:

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This is twitter creating fake news (in concert with Share Blue, no doubt) by trying to imply their source is The Hill as cover for their manufactured “news”.

So, what’s that section in the law differentiating publishers from platforms and protecting the latter from liability? This Goya Foods company needs to their lawyers on this and sue twitter.



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