Twitter is censoring past tweets from Assange and Wikileaks RIGHT NOW.

by PodestaAmberAlert


Their past tweets are being censored and you can no longer search them. I need people to download these archives offline. Weird how this is happening right as the “official” Steele story is dropped. Much more to this story.


They’re trying to bury past tweets without “deleting” them. They’re trying make tweets about Mifsud, Steele, and Downer from Assange harder to find.

Search history doesn’t work for Wikileaks/Wikileaks Task Force/Assange and tweets replying to their past posts show up as “unavailable”.

You have to find the direct links to the past tweets in a different manner. Here’s a thread containing some of Assange’s tweets about Steele, MI6, CIA, Mifsud and other players. READ THE WHOLE TWITTER THREAD. You will be way ahead of everyone else when the truth comes out.

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As you can see Assange’s tweets that were linked in #11, 15 and 17 come up as unavailable, but luckily the direct url links are in the tweets too.

Assange tweets in 11, 15, and 17 have been archived.

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Assange goes silent after making his Downer, Mifsud, Steele, Ml6, CIA thread and now Assange/Wikileaks are being shadowbanned and censored just as the Steele story is released. Who knows they might be trying to tweet. SpyGate goes so much deeper than what the media is telling you.




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