Twitter is Purging Bots Used to Manufacture Consent

by hillbillyswan

Celebrities are “mysteriously” losing thousands of followers all at once. Seems like twitter is purging bots in preparation for Musk’s effective control. They probably know that there will be big headlines when it’s revealed how much of their traffic were bots regardless and they would rather that number seem smaller than it is.

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They are trying to make it seem like people are rage quitting twitter at the Elon news. At this point theyre cashing their options anyway and they don’t care if it burns. They aren’t above deliberately creating the impression that a massive wave of people quitting twitter is happening, which has a real chance of being a self-fulfilling prophecy. They would rather do that then have it come to light the true extent of their manipulation of the american public.

They know that people are easily led and will do things and believe things if they get the impression that lots of other people are doing those things and believing those things. That axiom even applies to using twitter. Poetically, their final act of manipulation for this act might ultimately be one of self destruction. In an attempt to cover their asses and hide the fact that follower counts and like counts have been highly manipulated for years, they are currently in the process of deleting perhaps millions of bots over the next few weeks or months.


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