Twitter stock down 18% after yesterday’s celebration of Facebook drop

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Conservatives are not groups of loud, local, technology-impaired, minority-hating inbreds who have no impact in politics (much to the lefts constant generalisations).

Conservatives are regular people that make up (more or less) half of the modern world, to bar them, ban them, push them, insult them, demoralise them, ridicule them, will cause them to fight back, or at the the very least impact your or a businesses life in a way that you financially suffer for in the long run.

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To push away half the people because they don’t think like you and you feel like having a tantrum over it, means your reputation and/or business will take an impact.

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Same can be said for liberals, but conservatives are not immature children who put politics over profit or even friendships.

We have a voice, and it will not be silenced.



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