GOP-run House Appropriations Committee has Voted to Restore Obama’s 2014 catch-and-release

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Yes, really! This is insane….just as Trump and Sessions are trying to get a handle the border, chocking off the flow of cheap labor, the GOP stabs ’em in the back!

The Sessions reform ended Obama’s expanded asylum-rules which have encouraged tens of thousands of migrants from Central America to walk through the border wall by just declaring a “credible fear” of violence from spouses or criminal gangs. Recent media reports say that Sessions’ reforms are successfully sending the vast majority of migrants homewards before they can use the catch-and-release laws.

The vote “is just insane,” said Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA. “This needs to be taken out … this [bill] should not go to the floor with this abomination.”

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Paul Ryan…on his way out the door in behind this and in favor of this…what a rat!

The House Committee on Appropriations voted Wednesday afternoon to bar government officials from spending any time or money on Sessions’ reform. The vote was taken as legislators debate and vote on amendments to the 2019 spending bill. The bill will be reviewed next by the rules committee — which is controlled by House Speaker Paul Ryan — and then will be sent to the floor for a vote.

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This is why they have to get rid of Session’s new policy:

The amendment is needed because Sessions’ policy reverses Obama’s 2014 change and ignores the danger of gang violence in Central American countries, Price said. The administration is “giving those who seek refuge a virtual death sentence … [and is] one of the many heartless steps the Trump administration has taken,” he said.


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