TWITTER SUED For Working With Islamic Terrorists – Laura Loomer is suing Twitter and CAIR for coordinating on her ouster from the platform.

MUST WATCH: I am suing CAIR and Twitter. CAIR=HAMAS. You can read the complaint at Self admitted jihadists from CAIR met with executives from Twitter and Facebook and asked them to ban me because I exposed Ilhan Omar. The executive director of CAIR is Nihad Awad. This is a video recording of him admitting he supports HAMAS. HAMAS is recognized by the US Dept of State as an Islamic terror org. Their stated mission is to kill Jews and eradicate Israel, and Twitter met with them. This is video evidence that CAIR is HAMAS, yet the media calls me a “conspiracy theorist” and a “racist” and acts like I’m more of a threat than actual terrorists.

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