Twitter Thread Covering #GiletsJaunes rallies held across France yesterday to protest against Macron’s disastrous Neoliberal policies. This will NOT be shown on mainstream TV

by Ian56

There is a Conspiracy of Silence and Censorship across mainstream media to cover up the extent and size of the Gilets Jaunes protests now in their 13th week, and the brutality of the Macron Regime in using violence to try and suppress the protests.

One protester had his hand blown off by an explosive grenade, yesterday. Dozens have been mutilated by having their eyes shot out at close range by golf ball sized rubber bullets.

The isolated acts of violence by a few idiot thugs and Police Agent Provocateurs are being blown up out of all proportion in the M$M to smear the protests and the protesters, who are almost exclusively ordinary moderate middle and working class French who have seen their standard of living steadily eroded over decades by successive disastrous Neoliberal French governments.

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