Twitter trying to honey pot people into commenting on things that may portray violence?

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Never seen this on twitter before, ever. I’m looking at my feed and out of nowhere one random post has a twitter embedded text saying “You can reply to this conversation”. Out of 1000’s of tweets in my feed it’s the only one with that message embedded.

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Tweet says “Until you do something about 2020, midterms don’t matter”.

Is twitter now trying to honeypot people into commenting on anything that can be even loosely tied to potential violence?

See also  SR-FINRA-2021-030. FINRA is trying to alleviate the impact of trades by introducing delayed treasury spot trades and allowing for higher visibility of trades by giving them a special flag. Bloomberg did not like that, because it "could lead to significant information leakage".

Better watch out, people. This is a new game their playing.

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