Two million public sector workers are warned NOT to expect huge pay rises today because they will make the rest of Britain ‘permanently poorer’ in showdown that is set to spark a summer of savage strikes

by Boo_Randy

Peasants! Your globalist overlords appreciate you bending over for them by mindlessly electing their political stooges election after election. However, you are getting annoying with your whining about your wages not keeping up with the cost of living. You must accept the new normal of losing economic ground every year so corporate CEOs and the oligarchy can continue to amass huge fortunes and own it all. So stop with the silliness about “living wages” – when you voted for stooges of the oligarchy, you embraced your own serfdom, and signaled you were okay with being bent over on demand.

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A senior minister warned two million public sector workers not to expect a pay rise today – as unions prepared to unleash a summer of strikes.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps warned that an inflation-busting increase could leave the UK ‘permanently poorer’, sparking a confrontation across a swathe of vital industries.

Consumer Price Inflation (CPI)  is running at a 40-year-high of 9.1 per cent, and could hit 11 per cent this year.


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