Two NSC Whistleblowers Fired By MCMASTER For Supporting PRESIDENT TRUMP.

by Ruby Henley
Rich Higgins, is a whistleblower, who was a NSC Director for strategic planning with the Trump Administration.  He has worked very hard for many years to protect this Country from an Islamic invasion.  He risked his job to write a memo to expose the current coup against President Trump. McMaster was able to track the memo back to the computer which belonged to Higgins.  I would say at this point, Higgins is lucky to have only lost his job.
Unfortunately, not only was Rich Higgins fired by McMaster,  Derek Harvey, one of the NSC’s best people on the Middle East, was also fired.  He was against the Iran Deal and the funding of Palestinian Authority terror, and he called out Islamic Jihad. Further he tried to force out the Obama holdovers running our foreign policy.   
You can hear the Higgins’ interview below:
McMaster fired both men, because he is protecting the Obama holdovers, and even more than that he is protecting Islam and defending the Iran policy.  He is, in my opinion, running the White House now.  I believe President Trump is actually in New Jersey, because he is no longer safe in the White House.
Higgins wrote a seven-page memorandum that warns of a concerted information warfare campaign by the Marxist left, Islamists, and political leaders and government officials opposed to President Trump.  Higgins states the following:
“The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the president,” Higgins states.
“This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle,” he said.
Someone I respect very much, former Army Chief of Staff General Jack Keane, had this to say about Harvey: “Harvey is hands down the very best intelligence analyst that the United States government has on Iraq.  He has been right from the late ’03 all the way up….to the present.”
It is a very unusual event to see a National Security Advisor firing those who support a sitting President, and it is extremely unnerving to observe the President chosen by the people of the United States being ousted before our eyes.  It is surreal to say the least, and my question is how did this happen?
The following is quoted from:
Deputy National Security Adviser Rick Waddell, Senior Director for Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Gulf States Joel Rayburn, and Yll Bajraktari, a former special assistant to the deputy secretary of defense during the Obama administration, have been coordinating an extensive public relations campaign in support of embattled National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, according to multiple sources.
Members of the national security community who spoke with PJ Media describe the talking points used during this effort to defend McMaster’s tenure as NSA as “absurd,” “dishonest,” and “comically inaccurate.” But sources primarily expressed anger regarding insinuations that NSC members fired by McMaster or otherwise no longer in their positions — such as K.T. McFarland, Rich Higgins, Adam Lovinger, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, and Derek Harvey — are gone for reasons other than ideology.
Over the past week, several media accounts have painted them as “conspiratorial” members of the “alt-right,” possibly leaking information to the controversial Mike Cernovich, and possibly working in tandem with Russian social media accounts. Such claims, which have been picked up by several outlets, are reportedly doing lasting damage to reputations and careers.
Further, multiple sources believe McMaster and his allies within the administration are using such “career-ending” “swamp” tactics with the knowledge that the fired members and supportive colleagues — due to the nature of their careers within the national security realm — do not necessarily have the option of defending themselves in the public sphere.
I had no idea that K.T. McFarland had been fired by McMaster until doing this article.  I am very concerned, too, that General Kelly, who replaced Reince Priebus is supposedly preventing access to President Trump.  It appears that President Trump is being hidden away, but it does not seem possible that this could happen.  Really, how could this be happening behind Trump’s back?  Could it be that President Trump knows what McMaster is doing, but he is failing to see the scope of it?  What is really going on in the White House?  If there is a coup taking place, how could Trump not know it?  How could he sit back and let it happen?
I wonder at this point what his Generals are really telling him about North Korea?  
The following is quoted from:
North Korea presents a crucial test not only for the president but for this group of seasoned military figures in the administration. Many foreign-policy voices have hoped they would provide the president with steadiness and order as he deals with matters of war and peace. They have Trump’s reverence — he has been enamored of the military since he was a teenager at New York Military Academy. But will they spend that capital to deeply shape the administration’s response? Will they try to rein in Trump or just echo him?
As far as “reining Trump in,” I find that outrageous.  President Trump is the President…not any of his Generals.  I like the following words from Rex Tillerson:
Tillerson played down Trump’s comments on Wednesday, saying he had “no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days. I think the president, again, as commander-in-chief, I think he felt it necessary to issue a very strong statement directly to North Korea.”

Mattis struck a similar tone to Trump, telling North Korea in a statement that it “should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.”

In a Tuesday interview with Fox News, Kelly dismissed the suggestion that the generals and others around Trump were “yes men” or enablers of the president’s combative instincts. “Jim Mattis defines speaking truth to power in my view,” Kelly told Chris Wallace. “I like to think I do as well.”
Kelly also defended McMaster, who has been under siege from some Trump supporters for advocating a bolstered U.S. presence in Afghanistan — a position at odds with White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, a Navy veteran and the former chairman of Breitbart News.  If General Kelly is defending McMaster, I consider him to be part of the McMaster problem, and you cannot convince me there is not a problem with McMaster.
Of course, the lingering question is what speaking truth to power looks like when Mattis, Kelly and McMaster are huddled around Trump having their “time” with him?  What are the generals really telling the president?  If there is a coup taking place, and I believe there is, then the Generals are telling everything they can to make him look bad.
Here is an update on North Korea from Rex Tillerson, and the puzzling inner workings of the White House:

The following is quoted from:
— “As [Trump] amplified his bellicose warning to North Korea on Wednesday, senior administration officials rushed to reassure a suddenly jittery world that they stood behind his sentiments, if not necessarily his language,” Philip Rucker and Karen DeYoung report: “What many outside the White House — and some on the inside — interpreted as an undisciplined presidential eruption threatening nuclear conflict was just Trump’s way of expressing an agreed policy of pressure on Pyongyang, [spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders] told reporters. ‘The words were his own. The tone and strength of the message were discussed beforehand’ [she said]. … At the State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert agreed, insisting that ‘we are all singing from the same hymn book.’
“But U.S. allies and a number of Trump aides and lawmakers instead saw a disturbing dissonance, and lack of coordination, as the administration confronted its most potentially consequential foreign policy crisis to date.”
Some data points:
— As Tillerson said Americans “should sleep well at night,” White House adviser Sebastian Gorka took the opposite tack, saying on “Fox & Friends” (see video below) that the situation “is analogous to the Cuban missile crisis.” “We are not just a superpower. We were a superpower. We are now a hyperpower. Nobody in the world, especially not North Korea, comes close to challenging our military capabilities … So this message is very clear: Don’t test this White House, Pyongyang.”

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  1. Good article. However I served under General Jack Keane. He allegedly was busted by the MP’s drivin drunk a couple times on Ft Campbell and he was the General who forced us to have sensitivity training and Concern for others monthly after a dude killed another dude, his friend, because he stole the guy’s girlfriend who was a dude who dressed as a chick, who danced in a Gay club. He still got 4 stars and I believe became President or Chairman of the CFR and now is in da big money in the MIC.
    So I’d say he is most likely a big time Globalist also. Besides he was BeTrayUs’ (Bilderberger) mentor after he saved his life on Ft Campbell. BeTrayUs could have saved our Constitutional Republic when called before the Senate Committee. Instead he just recused himself since he was caught banging that reporter (LTC Intel Officer and most likely MOSSAD agent)!

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