Two things that don’t get talked about enough in the media

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by magnora7

The mainstream media of course talks about these things in passing, but imagine if they delved in to these topics as much as they do Assange, or Trump. But of course they don’t want to give the citizenry any self-empowering ideas…

1) South Korea had massive 2M+ person country-wide protests lasting 6 months to oust their President after she was caught doing occult activity as well as involved in deep corruption.

They literally just got in the streets until this person was gone out of their government. The president was under the control of another person through “shamanistic” or occultism means according to the wikipedia article. Probably just couldn’t handle the pressure of being president and instead decided to rely upon the “supernatural” (which in this case was someone lying to her to manipulate her).

2) Iceland’s banks failed, and 1% of the populace clogged up the streets of the capital, and eventually caused a new crowd-sourced constitution to be written:

Iceland also had big governmental protests in 2016 following the release of the Panama Papers debacle:

So when people ask “What path forward is there?” I say “Well, here are two recent examples…”

Good people are setting good examples. Will we be intelligent enough to follow their lead?



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