U.K. Conservatives Readying for Snap Election Fearing Brexit Deadlock

by Thinker

The Conservatives are readying for a snap election due to fears that the Brexit deadlock is insurmountable for Theresa May. MPs have been left wondering if a vote of no confidence is on the cards for the UK PM. It’s becoming clear there’s no compromise that will keep Remainers such as:

‘There will be REBELLION’ PM WARNED by REMAINER trying to SHACKLE UK to customs union

THERESA May faces a rebellion in the House of Commons if she fails to extend the UK’s membership of the EU’s customs union to give the UK Government sufficient time to develop an effective long-term customs arrangement, a former minister has warned

BREAKING – ‘Don’t BETRAY Britain’ Boris Johnson issues dire warning to May in EU customs union row

BORIS Johnson last night dramatically warned Theresa May her post-Brexit customs plan must not lead to a “betrayal” of the referendum vote to quit the EU. In a fresh salvo in the Cabinet squabble over future ties to Brussels, the Foreign Secretary publicly signalled his lack of enthusiasm for the so-called “backstop” proposal being floated as a solution to the Northern Ireland border problem.