U.K Lord Suggests Brits Will Have To Mask & Socially Distance for 10 YEARS!

Masks and social distancing could be in place for 10 YEARS – as long as Britain endured rationing after the Second World War, Lord Sumption claims

Face masks and social distancing could be in place for another decade, Lord Sumption has claimed.

The former Supreme Court judge warned restrictions on Britons’ freedoms could last as long as rationing after the Second World War.

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He said it was ‘politically unrealistic’ to expect the Government to backtrack on social controls anytime soon because the public had become so used to them.

Lord Sumption suggested Britons had actually started to take comfort in restrictions because they made them feel safe.

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Speaking on the Sketch Notes on a Pandemic podcast, he said: ‘An interesting parallel is the continuation of wartime food rationing after the last war. People were in favour of that because they were in favour of social control.’




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