U.K – MSM Paper Daily Mail Actually Exposes A Literal Communist Scientist Advising The Government

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“Is TV’s favourite Sage member Professor Susan Michie such a big fan of lockdowns because she’s a Communist once known as Stalin’s nanny ?

Few of the Government scientists helping to shape the nation’s Covid strategy are as influential and ubiquitous as Professor Susan Michie. Not only is she a senior member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) but also two other groups guiding Ministers and she is regularly given a platform by the BBC and ITV to share her ideas.

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Yet few viewers and listeners will realise that Prof Michie is a key member of the Communist Party of Britain and is dedicated to establishing a new socialist order in this country.

To her critics, it is little wonder that she is prominent among those demanding yet more Covid controls, bursts of short, sharp isolation and seemingly indefinite mask-wearing and distancing – the sort of policies favoured by the Communist Morning Star newspaper.

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As the entrepreneur and former Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson noted drily: ‘Susan Michie is a member of the Communist Party. They know all about controlling behaviour in places like Communist North Korea”



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