U.S. Doles Out Millions During Shutdown—Vulnerable Costa Rican Youth, AIDS in Mozambique

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The U.S. government may be shut down but it’s still doling out large sums of taxpayer dollars to foreign causes that American citizens may not consider a priority. In the last few days alone, Uncle Sam dedicated millions of dollars in grants to projects that include helping socially vulnerable youth in crime-ridden Costa Rican communities, tackling an AIDS epidemic in Mozambique, improving health in Nigeria and surveilling “important diseases in Senegal.” There are plenty more with details posted this month on the government’s grant website which says that, during a lapse in federal appropriations, the system will “remain in an operational status.”

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Just yesterday hundreds of thousands of dollars were allocated to the Costa Rican youth project and the Mozambique AIDS program. The U.S. feels obligated to help Costa Rican youths tempted to quit school and join a crime gang, according to the grant announcement. “In vulnerable communities, poverty and lack of opportunities are factors that make young people quit school and start working or join a crime gang,”


Yeah? Really? How about our youth? How about our kids with no fucking food? How about our latch key kids with a lack of supervision and getting into trouble because their parents are working 2 full time jobs trying to pay the taxes that get sent to help other countrys kids?

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This is BS!


Add to that, we are in a shutdown over money to secure our own border. The morans in congress have sent US taxpayer funds to at least 2 other countries to “BUILD A WALL FOR SECURITY!”

No more!

Get it done!

Build the wall!


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