U.S. Economy Is NOT Great! Debt Will Collapse America On A MASSIVE SCALE!

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Do you think that debt is a problem in the U.S. in general?

There is a very serious problem in the U.S. today. One which is constantly ignored. Even as the Financial Crisis nearly wiped out all of the banks and investment institutions, everyone turned a blind eye to the one underlying cause: DEBT. Debt is the system of control of the bankers. They use it to magnify these crises. Every single crash gets worse and worse. Only to be propped up with more debt. Corporate debt, national debt, personal debt, collateralized debt obligation investments. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


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Housing market slows as mortgage applications fall to 4-year low


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BlackRock’s Fink Warns U.S. Shouldn’t Be Fighting Its Creditors


San Francisco Proposition C homeless tax passes


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