U.S. Raises Age To 21 To Purchase Cigarettes

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U.S. Raises Age To 21 To Purchase Cigarettes

“#Breaking: Just in – The #US has banned the use of cigarettes to people of 18 years old, and increased the age limit to be at least 21 years old before you can legally buy and smoke a cigarette.”

“In some states, you must be 21 to buy tobacco or vaping products. It’s still 18 in North Carolina. But legislation in Washington could change that.

“A measure in the federal budget proposal would require being 21 to buy tobacco products or vaping materials. Health experts said it would save lives. It would also impact small businesses like convenience stores.

“Definitely our biggest seller,” especially among young people, said Smokey Lynn, who manages the Exxon Quick Pantry in Waynesville.

“As soon as they turn 18, they’re here … As long as you’re carding … There’s a lot of underage buying,” Lynn said.”




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