U.S. Stock Market SELLOFF One of the BIGGEST IN HISTORY! Wild Panic Like 2009!

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In your opinion, what kind of impact will interest rates have on the stock market?

The market fell. And then it fell some more. Eventually the DOW dropped 666 points. The average investor simply didn’t think it was possible. But these are market forces at work. Sometimes there are corrections. It happens. Those who are investing with margin, were really punished in the incident today. Are you prepared for more volatility?
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Dow plummets 665 points, capping worst week in 2 years
Effective Federal Funds Rate | FRED | St. Louis Fed
Dow Plunges 666 Points as Rate Angst Sinks Bonds: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
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3 thoughts on “U.S. Stock Market SELLOFF One of the BIGGEST IN HISTORY! Wild Panic Like 2009!

  1. The simpletons running things may try to create a patch for Monday but the smart money knows this has been a fairy tail market and will exit with all do haste. The greedy morons who stay in will lose everything.

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