U.S. stocks near all-time high valuations… what comes next?

From Dan Ferris, Editor, Extreme Value:
In today’s featured video, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris explains just how expensive U.S. stocks are today… and why you can’t afford to wait for what comes next.
As Dan puts it, “A new ‘Golden Age’ of value investing has already begun,” and further momentum is likely from here.
Good news for his subscribers… Dan recently discovered a brand-new stock with more potential than anything else he has recommended in his decades-long career. It’s the kind of opportunity that comes along once or twice in an investing lifetime… if you’re lucky.
And Dan tells us he would bet every penny he owns that this recommendation will become the top Stansberry Research recommendation of all time. In fact, he expects this new recommendation will easily return 20 times your money over the long term, with virtually zero risk to your capital.
That’s a bold claim… But if you know Dan like we do, you know he wouldn’t make it if he didn’t have substantial research to back it up. Click here to see for yourself.

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