U.S. to send 500 troops to Saudi Arabia as Iran tensions heat up

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The United States is sending 500 troops to the Prince Sultan Air Base east of the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, reported CNN.

Some of the troops and support personnel are already at the base preparing for a Patriot missile defense battery and runway and airfield improvements, according to US defense officials.

Security assessments have shown that Iranian missiles would have difficulty targeting the base located in a remote area.

The 500 troops are part of the 1,000 additional troops that the Trump administration announced it was sending to the Middle East in June. Congress has not been formally notified of the deployment, but has received an informal heads up with an announcement expected next week, according to CNN.

The announcement will include more specific details about the US military deployments which have been publicly announced.

Commercial high-resolution satellites captured an initial deployment of US troops and support personnel in mid-June as well as preparations being made ahead of the deployment of US troops.





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